All Retlosebetsa premises are closed, except for our Training Facilities at our Retlosebetsa Lufhereng Satellite office in Lufhereng Proper. For all Labour/Skills/SMME enquiries, document submissions and database registrations, we encourage the public to visit our Lufhereng Premises at 850 Tonga Kiere Street, Lufhereng (overlooking the JOSHCO Flats)

General Queries can also be directed to or

Bridging the gap between the client's turn-key project and the beneficiaries of the community within the project area.

We are a 100% BBBEE private company whose objective is acting as a capacity support agent for local economic development (LED) through stakeholder facilitation in turn-key development projects.

Our Focus Areas

SMME Development

Working with strategic parnters to bring skills development for SMMEs and individuals.

Skills Developments

Partnering with different SETA departments and the DTI to deliver skills development programs for individuals and SMMEs.

Digital Database

Improving and automating our processes is our priority. We have automated processes accross retlosebetsa to deliver to our promise more efficiently.


We encourage farming and access to the skills thereof. Our aim is to partner with Agri-SETA and establish an Agri-Hub in the communities.


We are part of the Lufhereng Development Company, responsible for SMME Development in the Lufhereng Mixed Integrated Housing Development.

Poverty Alleviation

We help people receive seeds, compost and gardening tools as part of pro-actively addressing poverty alleviation and ensuring food security


Strategically partnering with other companies and stakeholders to achieve our main objectives within the communities that we serve.

SMME Funding

We are rigorously seeking other major clients as we aim to lock ourselves in as the SMME-Development partner of choice.

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