SMME Development

SMME Development

Retlosebetsa bridges the gap between the client’s turn key project and the beneficiaries of the community within the project area, facilitating systematic processes as a way of beneficiating and empowering stakeholders. Retlosebetsa strategically achieves this by:

Registering SMMEs and Individuals (from Region D and Soweto but with first preferance for work opportunities going first to the local communities of Ward 53 and Ward 135 primarily from our database);

Managing the database by ensuring that the registrants thereof are advised of and do possess the necessary qualifications and skill to be employed and/or the necessary compliance criteria to be sub-contracted while also constantly capturing, updating and monitoring the same database;

Ensuring that skilled labour gets the opportunity to become sustainable small enterprises and at the same time ensuring that unskilled labour have opportunities to be adequately skilled;

Managing and implementing other empowering programs of relevance in the development project, e.g: an Agri-Estate where we ensure that local community farmers are identified, trained and allocated farming Land while also monitoring that they participate in the agri-hub and related markets profitably and sustainably;